EBS Dispatch

EBS Dispatch is an innovative web and mobile application developed specifically for EBS TV. It serves as a comprehensive system for managing equipment and personnel dispatching and scheduling. The application offers a range of powerful features designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency:

1. User Registration: The system allows for easy registration of employees, equipment, and vehicles, ensuring accurate record-keeping and streamlined communication.

2. Schedule Creation: With EBS Dispatch, creating schedules for employees becomes a breeze. The intuitive interface facilitates efficient scheduling management, enabling administrators to allocate tasks and shifts effectively.

3. Equipment Assignment: The application simplifies the process of assigning equipment to schedules. Administrators can effortlessly match the required equipment with specific tasks, ensuring optimal resource utilization.

4. Driver and Vehicle Assignment: EBS Dispatch enables seamless assignment of drivers and cars to schedules. 

5. Automated SMS Notifications: EBS Dispatch automatically notifies employees and drivers when schedules are dispatched.

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    Brand and UI/UX Strategy

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    EBS Dispatch

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