F.D.R.E Public Service Transport Service

VIMS (Vehicle Inspection Management System) is a cutting-edge web and mobile application developed for F.D.R.E Public Service Transport Service (PSTS). It addresses the challenges associated with managing vehicle maintenance, servicing, and customer information in a well-organized manner.

This comprehensive application offers a range of features designed to streamline vehicle repair services provided by PSTS:

1. Vehicle and Owner Registration: VIMS simplifies the process of registering vehicles and capturing relevant owner data. This ensures accurate record-keeping and facilitates efficient communication between PSTS and vehicle owners.

2. Vehicle Intake and Status Tracking: The application enables the creation of vehicle intakes, allowing PSTS to document and track the status of each vehicle component during the intake process. This information is readily available to vehicle owners, providing them with transparency and updates on the condition of their vehicle.

3. Work Order Creation and Management: VIMS allows seamless creation and management of work orders. PSTS can efficiently allocate tasks, track progress, and ensure timely completion of repairs or services.

4. Real-time Notifications: VIMS keeps vehicle owners informed throughout the lifecycle of the work order. Owners receive automatic notifications about any changes or updates related to their vehicle, ensuring transparency and effective communication.

5. Report Generation: The application generates insightful reports based on the data collected. These reports provide PSTS with valuable information for performance evaluation, decision-making, and process improvement.

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    Brand and UI/UX Strategy

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    F.D.R.E Public Service Transport Service

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