National Volunteer MIS System

ACSO VMIS is a system developed to make the volunteering process in Ethiopia easier. It is a system developed so that any one who wants to volunteer can register and input his information including their profession and what they would like to volunteer in so the system can match them with organization in need of volunteers with their specific needs and talets.

The system also helps ACSO manage volunteers. They can register volunteers and take actions if they want to including blocking or activating volunteers accounts.

They can create events based on categories and send notifications to volunteers registered to those categories as well.

The can add partners and Volunteer hosting organizations and also take actions on them.

They can send emails to the entire volunteer pool.

They can accept requests from volunteers that are in need of volunteers and approve available volunteers to be assigned to the organization that requested them

  • Strategy

    Brand and UI/UX Strategy

  • Project Title

    National Volunteer MIS System

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